At my cousins house!

Today I am at my cousins house wile my mum & dad are at a 40th birthday party!

We are about to go to bed I can’t wait till tomorrow because me and my cousin are going to church, we are selling indin food so if you want to come just arive at 9am to cammery church!

If you have kids bring them along it would be a lot of fun because theres kid church!

Have a wonderful holiday!

JJ 🙂 🙂

One thought on “At my cousins house!

  1. Hi Josie
    It’s Mum blogging you from India! Thanks so much for all your help raising money to support the India Gospel League. We are having an amazing time and today we met 200 kids in the orphanage here and they sang and danced for us! We saw where they go to school and sleep (12 kids in one room with
    only 1 shelf each)- they have very simple things but are so thankful for the little they
    do have – it really made me think about how blessed we are at home but how we don’t
    always appreciate it. Also I found a 10 year old girl to give your little dog to – her name is Sangripia! She is much smaller than you and your friends due to the lack of nutrition- I thought she was about 7. She loved it and I could tell she felt very special! Miss you
    lots, love Mum xxoo

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